People are bombarded with hundreds of adverts everyday. How do you stand out from the crowd?

The Benefits

How do companies pierce through all the noise and reach their customers in this increasingly competitive market? The answer is simple; do something that no one else is and standout. Be interactive and exciting!

Reveal marketing is such a powerful marketing tool because it appeals to psychological human behaviours. Curiosity, fear of missing out and the idea of the ‘near miss theory’ all work to encourage customers to engage with your reveal marketing campaign. Scratch to Win uses the same principles to engage your customers with your brand.

When you send out a Scratch To Win campaign with a concealed incentive you take advantage of people’s innate curiosity, ultimately driving engagement with your brand. Your customers must then put in physical effort to unveil their reward. An interactive barrier to entry viewers means a higher perception of value for the prize, meaning customers feel they’ve really ‘won’ a prize or offer of value from your brand.

So, why not experience Scratch To Win for yourself? TMM is offering a chance to win up to 50% of your first Scratch to Win campaign.  Click here to scratch for your chance to win. 

Beside the psychological benefits, there are substantial benefits in using reveal marketing;

Build a database of potential clients

Easily track and measure performance

Drive clicks in a creative way

Raise engagement levels with customers

Use interactivity to convert leads