Scratch to Win is the new, fun way to improve engagement.

Fun. Simple. Everybody wins!

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What is Scratch To Win?

Scratch to Win is the latest innovation in Reveal Marketing, providing you with a fun new way to improve customer engagement across your digital marketing initiatives. Users interact with your message by scratching away a top layer image to reveal a prize or message underneath. Scratch to Win is a dynamic and flexible marketing tool –  be creative!

With the ability to streamline the campaign to target a specific demographic, rewarding your most loyal customers or targeting a harder to reach audience, provides a unique opportunity to take your digital marketing campaigns to the next level.

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What is Reveal Marketing?

Reveal Marketing is the name given to marketing strategies aimed at driving engagement through user interaction and hidden content. These strategies can range from games such as Scratch To Win, problem solving puzzles or motion interactions. The extra effort required on behalf of participants increases the perceived value of the message, driving up click-through rates and retention.

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Implementing Scratch To Win

Implementing a Scratch To Win campaign into your current digital marketing strategy is easy and affordable. Whether it’s Facebook, email or a combined campaign we have the package to suit your Reveal Marketing needs.

With all aspects of the design, including EDM graphics and HTML taken care of by us, your next Scratch To Win campaign will be launched quickly and with exceptional results.

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